Thursday, April 14, 2011

Broken Warwick truss rod- Upgrade to a nice Biflex

I always liked that Phaat warwick rock tone.. Problem with the wicks are , the lower end models always comes with single action truss rods

This guy came in told us that the truss rod can stuff turning.. no matter how much you turn.. the action still stayed that high... A spoilt anchor or a broken rod. We'll need to open up the fretboard first to extract the rod and change it into a nice biflex truss rod..

Used a custom made steamer .. I removed the fretboard slowly...

After 1 hour of steaming, the board came up . the truss rod WAS broken in the middle... No choice.. need to change the rod..

Removed the rod , and channel a slightly deeper channel for the biflex (2 ways ) rod.. 2 way rods are better as they dont rely on the string tension to give the tensile it needs..

After glueing back...

Did abit of fret leveling...

Good as new ...

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